• Regarded as the “Capital of SMEs” with over 50,000 SMEs.
  • Also known as the “granary” of Türkiye
  • Leading producer of flour, sugar, salt, milk, wheat, barley, sugar beet, sunflower seeds, tulip, corn (grain), carrot, cherry, vetch, bird seed, pea, sainfoin (seed), lupine in Türkiye
  • The only province in Türkiye that aluminum mineral is prospected.
  • Machine production, automotive supply industry, metal casting, agricultural tools and machinery production, food production industry and shoemaking are the leading sectors in Konya.
  • Türkiye's leader in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • 45% share in the Turkish market of metal processing machines,
  • 70% share in the Turkish market of vehicle-mounted equipment sector
  • 11th in Türkiye with $3,36 billion exports in 2023
  • Konya exports are more than the total export value of 26 cities.
  • Konya exports to more than 180 countries.
  • Konya has more than 3.400 registered exporters.
  • The share of manufacturing industry export in total exports is 93,5%.
  • Top 5 export countries: Russia Federation, Iraq, Germany, USA, and Italy.
  • Exports increased 39 times from 2000 to 2023.
  • 16th in Türkiye with $1,62 billion imports in 2023.
  • Top 5 import countries: China, Russian Fedaration, Germany, Brasil and Italy.
  • Konya's foreign trade surplus is approximately 1.75 billion dollars. It is the 7th province with the highest foreign trade surplus.
  • In 2023, 572 investment incentive certificates were issued in Konya and it ranks 5th in Türkiye.
  • The fixed investment amount specified within the scope of investment incentive certificates in Konya in 2023 is 31 billion TL and it ranks 15th in Türkiye.
  • In 2023, the number of employment specified within the scope of investment incentive certificates in Konya is 8,331 people, and it ranks 12th in Türkiye.
  • As of the end of 2023, there are 603 companies with foreign capital from 66 countries in Konya.
  • Syria with 163 companies is the country with the highest number of foreign capital companies in Konya. Its share in the total is 27%.
  • The 2nd country with the highest number of foreign capital companies is Germany with 49 companies; The 3rd country is Iraq with 42 companies.
  • Konya has a developed industrial infrastructure with 12 organized industrial zones, 3 industrial zones, 108 industry sites and 2 technology development zones.
  • With 4,502 trademark registrations in 2023 5th in Türkiye.
  • With 40 patents in 2023 8th in Türkiye.
  • With 97 utility model registrations in 2023 5th in Türkiye.
  • With 1,675 design registrations in 2023 8th in Türkiye.
  • 7,4% unemployment rate (Konya-Karaman region) (2022)
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