Automotive Supply Industry

The products manufactured by the Automotive Sub-Industry are marketed to the present automobile factories located in Türkiye or to foreign markets. Today these two sectors have more than 250 million dollars of exportation value. There are almost 2000 firms in Konya carrying out activities in the automotive sub-industry. Almost 500 of them are the enterprises which do export to international competitive markets and perform production for technologically advanced OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) firms. There are currently 185 international partnership in the sub-industry. The automotive sub-industry of Konya has the capacity to meet 90% of the parts needed for vehicles manufactured in Türkiye. These parts can be listed as: valves, engine pistons, engine sleeves, cranks, gears, manifolds, complete axle parts, trailers, car heater units and equipment, brakes and mechanisms, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, suspension parts, safety parts, vehicle windows/glass, vehicle seats, cast and forged parts. Replacement parts of many modern vehicles from every brand and model available in the world are manufactured and exported mainly to the EU countries and followed by South America, North and South Africa, Middle East, Turkish Republics and Far East countries.

For the vehicle mounted parts and equipment sector, enterprises operating in Konya mainly produce equipment and parts for lifts, funeral vehicles, fuel tanker trucks, search and rescue trucks, semi-trailer trucks, dumpers, meat carriage haulers, food transportation haulers, hydraulic compressive shrinkage garbage vehicles, fire trucks, snow plovers, combined channel digging vehicles, water tankers, telescopic platforms, medical waste carriers, sewage trucks and road cleaning trucks. Konya holds 40% of vehicle mounted hydraulic lift market in Türkiye.

Automotive Subsidiary Industry Sector in Konya Province
Automotive Subsidiary Industry Sector in Konya Province-Russian
Konya On-Vehicle Equipment And Lift Sector
Konya On-Vehicle Equipment And Lift Sector-Russian
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