Base Metal-Casting

Konya is one of the leading provinces of Türkiye in respect of raw material. The city is the leader province of Türkiye in respect of the number of cast iron, nodular cast iron and steel cast enterprises. Some part of iron foundries in Konya perform steel casting operations and aluminum casting operations while a large part perform cast iron operations. Along with the development in the agricultural machinery manufacturing sector, the casting industry shows great development.

There are 285 firms carrying out their activities in the casting sector of Konya and 25% of the iron foundries in Türkiye are in the city. 65% of the production in Konya is cast iron, 25% share is steel and 10% share is nonferrous casting.

The biggest customers are Italy with 15%, Greece with 12% and Germany with 9%. Other important export markets are Iran with 6%, Russia with 6% and Iraq with 2%. Approximately 130 countries are exported within the scope of casting industry.

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